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AP Consultants

With AP Consultants you can make money from online casinos and bookmakers.
Quickly, easily and right from the comfort of your own living room!
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Profit from the world of online gambling!
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Bookmakers and casinos around the world are constantly fighting for your custom, and will set aside huge promotional budgets in order to do so. All sorts of free bets, bonuses and cashback offers are used in order to tempt you to sign up and play on site. With AP Consultants, we help you take advantage of these offers by using a mathematical approach in order to swing the odds in your favour.

How It Works!

The Process

We will guide you through two phases of taking advantage of these bonuses. When you sign up with us, we will guide you through various offers which we have cherry-picked as being most profitable in the long term.

First Phase

The first phase will focus on the "Sign-Up Bonuses" - those bonuses offered to you by signing up to the site. We aim to bring our clients through this phase in 2-4 weeks.

Second Phase

After this, you will have the option to move onto the second phase which focuses on the "Reload Bonuses" - those bonuses that casinos/bookies will use to try and tempt you to come back and play onsite.

Risk Free

The best part is that we never risk a penny of your own funds - AP Consultants will give you a cash contribution so you can play with our money, not yours!
I couldn’t recommend AP Consultants enough. It provided me with some extra cash with very little effort. It is a very easy decision for me to recommend it to my friends and family particularly with their referral bonus.
Conor Murphy
Conor Murphy
I have made a sizeable profit through AP Consultants' service, and several hundred more through the referral scheme. The process is very straight forward and I would recommend it to anyone who would like some extra cash with minimal effort.
Jack Ferrin
Jack Ferrin
AP Consultants really helped me out financially as a student earning a low income. Easily done with a great profit! I made extra cash through the referral scheme which was excellent. Highly recommended!
Stephen Dougal
Stephen Dougal
Within a week of signing up to AP Consultants I had made £400. This was done through referring a few friends and the simple easy process of signing myself up. If you want a quick and easy way of making some extra cash then this is the way to do it!
Fran Chappell
Fran Chappell